Retrogamesmaster 1st Anniversary Celebration


1st year and what a year!

october 2015


October came our HUGE interview with the Oliver Twins I was so happy to get this interview playing all the Dizzy games on my Spectrum.

The Oliver Twins

november 2015

November come the larger than life interview with Alex Verrey aka Big Boy Barry the presenter from Games World this man has interviewed the late Mohammed.

Big Boy Barry Exclusive

december 2015

Jon Hare the man everyone knows from Sensible Software discussing the good old days and the new spiritual successor to SWOS Sociable Soccer

Jon Hare Sensible Software

Greg Johnson who created the classic game Toejam and Earl discusses the game and a new version coming out.

Greg Johnson Toejam and Earl

january 2016


A making of Diary of Author and Director of Spectrum addict.

Allister the musician who done the score for many Team 17 Classics including Alien Breed and Project X.  Discusses he time at Team 17 and his release of new albums.

Allister Brimble Interview

february 2016

Chris one of the main programmers of Sensible Software one of his main game was Mega-Lo-Mania. Chris talks about his times at Sensible Software.

Chris Chapman Sensible Software


Stoo Cambridge the main graphic artist for Sensible Software discussed his art from Cannon Fodder, Sensible Soccer and Golf.  Stoo discusses his time at Sensible in a 2 part interview.

Stoo Cambridge Part I

march 2016

Barry discusses his music he created including Lotus and his music for Ocean.

Martyn Brown discussing about Team 17 and how it all started.

Martyn Brown Co Founder Team 17


Jon talks Head over Heals and Matchday in his interview.

Jon Ritman

Jon has made many Spectrum during its life and still releases games.

Jonathan Cauldwell

april 2016


Mark discusses his career at ocean and some of the art and graphics he has done for the games at Ocean.

Mark R Jones

screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-22-54-02Bob discusses his art which was a very important part of Ocean Sofware’s image.

Bob Wakelin


Simon discusses his career at ocean.

Simon Butler

may 2016


Jim the man behind Midnight Resistance discusses his career.

Jim Bagley


Pam an artist Atari talks about her times at Atari.

Pamela Smith Atari

june 2016


David Rowe talks about his art for Knightmare and his Game Covers.

Knightmare the TV series Artist David Rowe

july 2016


Gary talks of how he helped drive Ocean to some Huge licences including Robocop.

Gary Bracey


The Hewson’s talk about the history and future of the company.

Andrew and Rob Hewson Consultants


Tim talks about his times at Ocean.

Tim Haywood


Bill talks about his career and the huge hit Chase HQ.

Bill Harbison

august 2016


Marc talks about Ocean France company.

Marc Djan


Memories of a Retro Gamer

september 2016

Ian the founder of Gremlin discusses how it all started.


Gremlin founder Ian Stewart


Mike talks about career and his huge hits Robocop and Batman.

Michael Lamb


Raff talks about his career at Hewson and Vivid

Raffaele Cecco

october 2016

Mev said : “It was the hardest selfie I took and I really enjoyed doing as it was a real challenge ? “


Mev talks about Last Ninja, Street Racer and Samurai. And his new studio and making new Samurai game,

Mevlut Dinc

Talks about his career which includes Lemmings and GTA.

Steve Hammond DMA


Clive Townsend