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Gary Bracey

Bracey was formerly the VP of development at Ocean Software.

Michael Lamb

Programmed Renegade and Combat School to the ZX Spectrum, as well as produce versions of hit movies such as Batman, Robocop and Top Gun.

Marc Djan

Ocean France created some of the most polished coin-op conversions for the Amiga. Marc Djan was the head of Ocean France.

Bill Harbison

Graphics for Batman, Chase H.Q.  and Daley Thompson’s Olympic Challenge.

Tim Haywood

Music for Frankenstein, Sink or Swim and Burning Rubber.

Jim Bagley

Worked on the Spectrum and Game Boy been responsible for a number of great arcade conversions such as Cabal and Midnight Resistance.

 Simon Butler

Has been in the industry since 1983 he worked on his first title, Pedro’s Garden for the “legendary” and ill-fated Imagine Software. Worked for Ocean, Team 17, Vicarious Visions, Probe, Magnetic Fields, Atari and many others.

Bob Wakelin was an artist from Liverpool, England who designed many game covers for Ocean Software and their sister label Imagine Software in the 1980s and 1990s.

Mark worked at Ocean and Imagine starting in 1987, working mainly on the Spectrum. After working on the 16 bit versions of Rambo III and Total Recall he left to go freelance.

Jon Ritman is a classic 8-bit coder from the early Eighties. He’s best known for his excellent work on the ZX Spectrum, which includes classic isometric adventure games, Batman and Head Over Heels, as well as the football franchise Match Day.

Music Highlights
Silk Worm (C64, Atari ST, Amiga, Speccy, Amstrad – Sales Curve)
Sleepwalker (Amiga CD ROM – Ocean)
Soccer (Atari ST, Amiga – Gremlin Graphics)
Space Crusade (C64, Amiga, PC)
Speedball 2 (PC – Bitmap Brothers)

Hare was co-designer and artist of all of Sensible’s hits prior to 1992 including Parallax, Wizball, Microprose Soccer, SEUCK and Wizkid. He was also the lead designer and creative director of Mega Lo Mania, the Sensible Soccer series and the Cannon Fodder series, some of the most popular software franchises of the mid 1990s.
Game designer and artist, and former member of British software developer Sensible Software.

Sensible Soccer: European Champions, Sensible Soccer: European Champions – 92/93 Edition and Mega lo Mania

Ian Stewart 

Gremlin Co Founder

Antony Crowther

During the early 80’s home computer boom, a number of young computer game programmers appeared on the scene, each home computer format had their own prominent stars. One of the most well known and certainly popular, was the boy genius Antony ‘Tony’ Crowther (aka Ratt), who quickly became a legend on the Commodore 64 game scene.

Ben Daglish

He is known for creating many soundtracks during the 1980s for home computer games, including such Commodore 64 hits as The Last Ninja (with Anthony Lees),[2] Trap, and Deflektor. Daglish teamed up with fellow C64 musician and prolific programmer Tony Crowther, forming W.E.M.U.S.I.C., which stood for “We Make Use of Sound in Computers”.

Martyn Brown

Co-founded Team17 Software Limited in December 1990.

Allister Brimble

A freelance, legendary video game composer responsible for titles such as Alien Breed, Driver, Descent

Andrew Hewson and Rob Hewson

Industry pioneer Andrew Hewson has published hit titles in the 8-bit and 16-bit eras, including Uridium, Paradroid, Nebulus, and Pinball Fantasies. He was also the founding chairman of UK trade body ELSPA (now known as UKIE).


Mevlut Dinc

Pioneering computer game programmer. His first solo title was Gerry The Germ Goes Body Poppin’, a cult hit on the Spectrum.

He soon developed the groundbreaking Prodigy; the first proper scrolling isometric 3D game. The First Samurai, and Street Racer series cemented the reputation of Vivid Image.

Raff Cecco

Programmer for games including Exolon, Cybernoid and Stormlord.

John Gibson

John is a veteran of the games industry and has 20 years of experience on nearly every platform imaginable. After working for Imagine, John formed Denton Design in 1984 and went on to write several classic games including Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

The Oliver Twins

Dave Perry

Rob Hubbard


Timeless gaming Convention 2023
From left to Right Peter Ward Retrogamesmaster (Host), Rich Stevenson (Gremlin), Nick Clarkson (Gremlin), Adam Sawkins (Burnout), Paul Machacek & Kev Bayliss (Rare)

Timeless gaming Convention 2023
From left to right Peter Ward Retrogamesmaster (Host), Rich Stevenson (Gremlin), Nick Clarkson (Gremlin), Adam Sawkins (Burnout), Paul Machacek & Kev Bayliss (Rare)