Timeless Gaming Convention 2023

Article by Peter Ward.

What is Timeless Gaming?
Timeless Gaming Convention is a games con like no other! Based at Europe’s largest arcade, Arcade Club Bury, we focus on what gamers really love – to play games! With expert panel guests, competitions, merch stalls and literally hundreds of arcade machines, consoles, air-hockey, pool etc. there is something for everyone!

I am lucky enough to become good friends with Paul Spicer aka MAGSS over last few years. And have been a guest on his Twitch show through the last few years and also met up at EGX 2022 at the Excel.

I was very honoured when he asked me to to Host the Gaming Legends Panel at 5pm.

As you can see by the list there was certainly something for everyone at Timeless. A great venue too being the largest arcade in the UK.

I travelled up the night before and met some of the wonderful people helping at the event.

Me on the left and Paul Spicer Middle and DJ Mike Storm far left.

On the day of the event I got in early as guest and press so managed to get some photos of the wonderful venue prior to it opening.

So many machines over four floors. I did not spend too much time gaming as was meeting so many wonderful people.

From left to right Paul Spicer AKA MAGGS, Paul Monaghan (Pixel Addict magazine), Peter Ward AKA retrogamesmaster and Jonni the Dodger Hirst (Software developer and my partner in crime creating games)
From left to right Kev Bayliss, Paul Machacek (Rare) and Peter Ward

Had lovely chat with the Rare guys prior to interviewing them on mainstage.

Rich Stevenson (Gremlin) and Peter Ward
Nick Clarkson (Gremlin) and Peter Ward
Adam Sawkins (The Burnout Guy) and Peter Ward

Was a true honour to interview so many people from Rich Stevenson next to me far left who coded back on Spectrum. Worked with gremlin helped code 8bit Zool. Nick Clarkson next to Rich who also worked for Gremlin shared story of when he wore a Zool costume for expo and was attacked by children. Adam Sawkins next to Nick the man behind burnout and indie hit FortressCraft. Paul Machacek Next to Adam, Pauls’ software work includes Super Off Road (NES), WWF Superstars, several Battletoad games and Donkey Kong Land (Gameboy), Banjo Kazooie (N64) and It’s Mr Pants (Gameboy Advance). And far right Kevin Bayliss is a UK Video Game Artist, Animator and Voice Actor, who joined UK Games developer Rare Ltd in 1987, known for many popular video games. Kevin has produced graphics, concepts and animation for Donkey Kong Country, Diddy Kong Racing, Battletoads, Killer Instinct, Perfect Dark Zero, Starfox Adventures, Yooka Laylee and many more games, in addition to creating voices and motion capture animation for a number of titles.

A wonderful array of machines.

Me and Jonni Hirst Developers of Polybius Invaders 1 and soon 2 and excitingly our Indie gaming’s will be signed with Atari.

Looking forward to next years event my days ended 3am and a bottle of whisky down after party.

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