Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict Premiere


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I have been promoting Andy Remic’s movie as soon as I saw the Kickstarter.

Andy even kindly done a making of diary which was the one time due to Andy’s busy schedule.


Andy kindly invited me to attend the premiere with a guest my mate Adam Modley came with me and kindly gave me a lift.

The Premiere was at the Computer history museum in Cambridge a perfect location for the premiere surrounded by retro computers and consoles.

What a night people who attended the premiere included The Oliver Twins, Jim Bagley, Rich Stephenson(interview coming soon), Mark R JonesJon Hare, Steve Turner (interview coming soon), Kevin Toms and Simon Ullyat.

It must have been destiny as earlier in the day in Dover I found a copy of Avalon in a 2nd hand shop so got this in the hope of Steve  signing later.

I met Steve and his wife and had a great chat about his games and Steve is making a new game; I will be interviewing him very soon for the site.

I had a chat with Jon Hare discussing Sociable Soccer and I was telling him how I lost summer holidays playing SWOS.

I was happy and surprised to see Kevin Toms at the premiere as he lives in New Zealand had a chat about his new version of Football Manager.

I also had a chat with Rich Stephenson about his involvement in making Zool and about Trap on the Spectrum.

Also had a chat with Jim Bagley discussing the Spectrum Next and his version of Bombjack for the Vectrex .

I had an exclusive look at level designs for the new Dizzy game coming out first on the Next.  Also saw art from the game and new characters which I have picture of that I cannot show.

Also had a lovely chat with Andy such a nice down to earth gentleman.

To say I was having the time of my life was understatement this all happened even before watching the movie.

I also had a look around the Computer Museum which is also wonderful.

Now coming onto the movie what can I say this early cut made by Andy Remic is a great homage to the gaming greats and celebrating the Spectrum and Andy has done a wonderful job.

I cannot wait to see the final cut of this masterpiece.



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