Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict Premiere

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RaM Films, in association with The Centre for Computing History, is proud to announce the film premiere of Andy Remic’s nostalgic ZX Spectrum documentary feature film, Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict. The film explores the history of the Spectrum, contains actor-led vignettes harking back to the 1980s – remember opening your Spectrum from under the Christmas tree – and interviews major industry figures of the day, developers, graphic artists, publishers and dedicated fans.


Starring such notable industry legends as The Oliver Twins, Clive Townsend, Mark R. Jones, Jon Hare, Jim Bagley, Steve Turner, Oliver Frey, Rich Stevenson, Roger Kean, Mev Dinc, Simon Butler, Jas Austin, and the original designer of the Spectrum – Rick Dickinson – the film offers insights into early memories, favourite games, the subject of software piracy, limitations of Spectrum hardware, individual developments, and looking forward to the future.


The premiere will be held at The Centre for Computing History in Cambridge on 1st July 2017, closely followed by digital release to film backers, and a public screening on Friday 7th July 2017, 7pm, at The Centre for Computing History, Cambridge (cost £10, tickets available soon on TCfCH’s website, and with an introduction by Director, Andy Remic). Many Spectrum stars will be in attendance. Premiere drinks will be supplied by Lord Conrad’s Brewery of Cambridge. Global distribution will then follow in a variety of formats, including digital download, DVD, BluRay and 4K download. Film running length: 2 hours 20 minutes Rated: PG (some mild language) So… come with us on a journey down the corridors of Spectrum history!

Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict

The Cast

Interviewing Marie Vedat & Andy Remic
Voiceovers Marie Vedat Oliver Remic
Spectrum Loading Screens Clive Townsend
Spectrum In-game Footage David Bulwer
Spectrum Animations Adam Steele
Music Rob Shedwick aka Digital Front
Assistant Director Roy Young
Producers Marie Vedat & Andy Remic
Director Andy Remic
A RaM Films Production
© 2017 RaM Films All Rights Reserved



Andrew Hewson (Click name for RGM interview)
Andrew Oliver (Click name for RGM interview)
Andy Spencer
Ant Harper
Clive Townsend (Click name for RGM interview)
Jas Austin
Jason Fitzpatrick
Jim Bagley (Click name for RGM interview)
John Romero
Jon Hare (Click name for RGM interview)
Jonathan Cauldwell (Click name for RGM interview)
Joseph Remic
Kevin Toms (Click name for RGM interview)
Marie Vedat
Mark Howlett
Mark R. Jones (Click name for RGM interview)
Mev Dinc (Click name for RGM interview)
Oliver Frey
Oliver Remic
Philip Oliver (Click name for RGM interview)
Rich Stevenson
Rick Dickinson
Roger Kean
Simon Butler (Click name for RGM interview)
Simon Ullyatt
Steve Turner
Steve Wetherill

Retrogamesmaster will be attending the premiere so will run a story after the event.

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