Clock Tower


Published by
Human Entertainment, Inc.
Developed by
Human Entertainment, Inc.
Sep 14, 1995
Also For
PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PSP, PS Vita, Wii, Wii U, Windows, WonderSwan



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Clocktower was released on the 14th September 1995 and was developed by Human Entertainment. It is a point and click survival horror game and was the first installment in the Clock Tower series.

I had actually never heard of Clocktower until a couple years ago when I was searching for more survival horror games to play, and i’m glad I did. I found a complete gem in this game, everything about it had me hooked.

At the main menu you can choose to Start, or quick start. Quick start will chuck you right into the action and ready to move, whereas start will show you an introduction to the game.giphy (62)

You play as Jennifer Simpson, an orphan from Granite Orphanage in Norway and you get adopted along with 3 other girls, Lotte, Anne and Laura by Mary Barrows. They are taken to their new home which is a mansion, and it is known as the ‘Clocktower’, aptly named after its main feature.

When they reach their new home Mary Barrows says she is going to find her husband, Simon Barrows, but doesn’t come back, prompting the girls to start asking questions. Jennifer then takes the lead and goes on to find Mary when she hears a scream coming from the main hall. She returns back to the girls but they have all disappeared.giphy (63)

When you can control Jennifer, you take control of a cursor and have a few button options. Panic, Inventory, Action, and stop all movement. Jennifer also has a panel in the lower left of the screen which changes color depending on how she is feeling. Red = Danger! Green = OK! And all others in between.

As you enter through the mansion, the first and most brutal enemy you will come across is Bobby Barrows aka ‘ Scissor man’. Bobby is a deformed boy with a taste for murder, wielding a giant pair of scissors. You have various places to hide about the mansion and key items to find to help you through to help you find out the true nature of the Barrow’s family.giphy (64)

There are a grand total of 9 different endings ranging from Super awesome – to terribad! All needing to meet different requirements throughout the game.

The game is extremely suspenseful and you have a fear of dread when being stalked by Scissorman. What you’ll also notice about Clocktower is there are some rooms which generate completely random! So one playthrough will be completely different to another room wise!giphy (66)

If you haven’t heard of it, please pick it up and try for yourself.giphy (67)


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