Pocky & Rocky Reshrined


Release Date | 24.06.2022


Pocky & Rocky back on a brand-new adventure!

Together with Natsume, under license by TAITO we are pleased to announce the upcoming release of the beloved video game series’ brand-new title. Pocky & Rocky Reshrined for Nintendo Switch and PS4! While Natsume brings the brand-new Pocky & Rocky adventure to North America, we have now started pre-orders of the boxed edition for Nintendo Switch and PS4 at retailers in Europe!

In the legendary adventures of Pocky and Rocky – also known to some by the original Japanese name Kiki Kaikai – the player controls the young shrine maiden Pocky and her raccoon companion, Rocky, on their adventures. The shooting game series, with roots going back to the original Taito-released ‘80s arcade game, has delighted many generations of gamers. Now, the brand-new Pocky & Rocky Reshrined developed under license from TAITO Corporation, finally brings the iconic duo back!

About the game The adventures of the heroine and her companion continue in this third instalment of the original shrine maiden shooting series! Pocky & Rocky Reshrined is a multi-directional scrolling shooter with outstanding retro style graphics and sound.

Features: • Classic 16-bit style graphic and sound • 5 playable characters • Story mode for one player action • Free mode for 2 player co-op • Unlockable Easy Mode • Various unique stages to master • Online Leaderboard

Limited & Collector’s Editions

Fans looking for exclusive collectibles should check out GamesRocket. For dedicated Pocky & Rocky fans and eager collectors, we prepared some very special editions coming with awesome and exclusive items. A Limited and a Collector’s Edition can be pre-ordered now! Also available as a bundle together with the amazing Pocky Plushie (~27cm / 10.6in)!


I remember playing a version of this on the Super Nintendo back in the day
and really enjoyed it I was excited to hear Pocky and Rocky coming to PS4 and

You control the young shrine maiden Pocky and her raccoon companion Rocky. I
love the improved visuals on this version. How can you describe this game well
its definitely a shooter but similar to Chaos Engine in the way you walk around
collecting power ups and exploring the level design which has hints of visuals
from Zelda on the SNES. You can choose to power up a shooting weapon or a stick
as Pocky and use your tail or shoot as Rocky the Raccoon.

I spent a good few hours on this and either in my old age my reactions are
getting slower but i found it very hard indeed and frustratingly replayed first
level so many times and finally memorised enemy patterns. My advice to you is
to use the stick weapon of shooting unless you on the many large challenging
end bosses. I did eventually get to level 2 and even got to the end boss which
finally killed me. To get an Easy mode you must collect coins which is a shame
as for me this is for total Pocky and Rocky fans as if not your probably get
frustrated. It’s a beautiful looking game with soundtrack but maybe an update
with easy mode and save state would be nice as only restarts at start of a

Definitely a challenge you have been warned.

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