Dragons Fury


2016-05-10_1021Published by
Tengen Inc.
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Also For
TurboGrafx-16, Wii, Wii U








Play video pinball that will set you on fire! Explosive graphics and demonic sound beckon you to the underworld for a devilish pinball simulation. Rebound off the She Giant. So beautiful when she sleeps. So evil when she awakens. Burn up in the bonus rounds where dragons will roast you, skeletons will toast you and sorcerers will plan a barbecue around you. Finally, if you flip your way past them all, fight the ultimate Armageddon.






I have always enjoyed a go of pinball machines in the arcades growing up and always dreamed of owning one; sadly I never did own one.

The closest experience I had to playing at home was Pinball Dreams on my Amiga.

That was until I purchased this game! This game appeals to all ages as I used to play this the whole family wanted to play as you only had a few buttons to press to move the bats.

The visual are simply stunning the music outstanding and the level design genius.

The different parts of the table you hit and light up open sub tables which are pieces of art.

All I can say is warning if you play this its very addictive and could not tell you how many hours my whole family enjoyed this game.

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