4D Driving

2016-03-29_1302_001Published by Mindscape International Ltd.

Developed by Distinctive Software, Inc.

Released Jan, 1992

Also For DOS, FM Towns, PC-98


4dReleased in 1992 for the Commodore Amiga 500 4D Driving is a conversion of a classic arcade driving game called Stunts, and for the most part it is a very good one.
Firstly the good points, the graphics are superb this was the first driving game I ever played on a home format that had proper polygons and a 3d engine. The sound effects and music are also excellent (indeed this version has improved sound over the arcade original due to the Amiga’s superb sound chips).
The gameplay is really fun, essentially an arcade style driving game with a strong emphasis on stunts, the player must finish a course without crashing whilst navigating through several obstacles including corkscrews, loops and huge jumps.
In total there are 11 vehicles to choose from (the player must choose one for himself and one for the cpu), each car handles very differently with different strengths and weaknesses (my favourite was the Ferrari 288).
2016-03-29_1302On the negative side unlike the arcade original there is only 1 camera angle (dashboard cam) whilst the arcade game had a choice of 4 and the other problem is the choppy framerate. Sometimes it can even make me feel a little seasick! Also like many Amiga games you have to change disks between racers which really take away from the experience.
That aside this is a superb driving game and well worth picking up if you enjoy the genre.




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