Kirby’s Dream Land

39095-kirby-s-dream-land-game-boy-front-coverDeveloped by: HAL laboratory

Published by: Nintendo

Platforms: Game Boy and Virtual Console

Released: April 27, 1992 (Japan),

August 1, 1992 (North America),

August 3, 1992 (PAL)

20409-kirby-s-dream-land-game-boy-screenshot-stage-1The year of 1992 was an exceptional year for Nintendo: it was the year that two staple franchises came out, Star Fox and of course: Kirby! Also there were other great titles/franchises as well but another topic for a different day!

What a lot of people do not know/realize is that the late Nintendo CEO Satrou Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto were uncredited producers to this game (which gave us a similar gameplay to Mario).

20411-kirby-s-dream-land-game-boy-screenshot-kirby-takes-flightThe game in general: King Dedede has stolen all the food of Dream Land and Kirby has to get it back… You have to go through five levels in order to defeat King Dedede… This game was designed for players that are not familiar with RPG’s and when playing it it is really quite simple. Kirby has the ability to suck his enemies/fruit and spit back out to the next baddy that comes his way. Kirby also has the ability to fly and the puff of air that he spits out has the same concept on being used as a weapon as well (as some enemies can only be defeated this way).

20415-kirby-s-dream-land-game-boy-screenshot-stage-1-bossOn the start screen: you have the ability to start “Extra Game” by simultaneously pressing up on your plus control pad, select and the A key : this gives you a very hard version of the game: think second quest of the original Legend of Zelda. This works until you turn off your Game Boy (no battery backup). If you want to tinker with hit points/lives and music, you can try configuration mode by pressing down on your control pad, select, and B button.

In all, another enjoying Game Boy title! I would recommend it to anyone to who wants a simple challenge 🙂

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