Spyro The Dragon

Published by315130-spyro-the-dragon-playstation-front-cover
Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.
Developed by
Insomniac Games, Inc.
Sep 09, 1998
Also For
PlayStation 3, PSP, PS Vita

26473-spyro-the-dragon-playstation-screenshot-spyro-casts-a-flameReleased in the summer of 1998 Spyro The Dragon is a superb 3d platform game that shows the original Playstation is just as capable as the Nintendo 64 in the right hands.

This game has so much to offer, superb graphics with no glitches or imperfections, a cute as can be main character and some of the best gameplay mechanics available on the console.

Unlike other 3d platformers of the time this game has very long draw distance (meaning you can see miles away and very clearly), this really helps you in the game as you can clearly see where you need to go and plan a way to get there. Spyro has many moves including an excellent glide ability and the advantage of being able to breath fire (which helps), the camera is also very cool and rarely gets in the way as it does in other games from the genre (even Super Mario 64).

647854-spyro-the-dragon-playstation-screenshot-i-see-stars-ouchAny downers? Not much except the game does get really tough towards the end (in all honestly I only finished the game after borrowing a friend’s memory card who got me to the last level).

Overall I would say that Spyro The Dragon is an essential purchase for all Playstation owners and can be picked up for under a fiver on the PS3 Store front.

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