Super Mario Land

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Developed by: Nintendo RD&1
Published by: Nintendo

Platforms: Game Boy and Virtual Console

Released: April 21, 1989 (Japan)
July 31, 1989 (North America)
September 28, 1990 (EU/PAL)

The Year: 1989!

The System: Game Boy Brick (original)!giphy (55)

As any hardcore Nintendo fan will tell you; a Mario game (or any character from the Mario universe) will have a launch title for its respective console: this side scrolling title got that coveted prize: Super Mario Land!The 8-bit wonder (yes I say 8-bit because it looks like Super Mario Bros. 1 except it is in 9 shades of green) takes place in the land of Sahasraland where Princess Daisy (Luigi’s female counterpart in future titles) resides. She is kidnapped by the space alien Tatanga who wants to marry her, and you must free her and her Kingdoms from Tatanga’s tyranny. Her Kingdoms include: Birabuto, Muda, Easton, and Chai.There are only 12 levels in the game and there is no battery backup so turning off your Game Boy meant starting over as with most ’80’s games. Beating the game the first time (as long as you didn’t turn off your system), gives you a much harder version, pretty much like in the original Legend of Zelda.giphy (56)

This is one of few games that Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto did not collaborate on: rather on this game went to the late and great Gunpei Yokoi: hence the reason(s) why this Mario franchise took its respective turn on what will be the start of the Wario Land series.

For 2016 standards, this game is extremely simple and primitive. A simple and rewarding challenge for you average Mario so get a 3DS and download it from Virtual Console 🙂giphy (57)

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