Soul Calibur

Published by
Namco Hometek Inc.
Developed by
Project Soul
Also For

Android, Arcade, iPad, iPhone, Xbox 360

Released by Namco for the Sega Dreamcast in late 1999, Soul Calibur was a sequel to the excellent Original Playstation game Soul Blade.
Many people rate this as the very best Dreamcast game ever released and I would put it right up there as well. Firstly the graphics are totally fantastic! Massive detailed sprites, colourful backdrops full of life and superb animations. The music matches the action perfectly, the controls are very responsive and easy to pick up (thanks in part to the Dreamcast’s underrated controller) and best of all the game is full of content for the single player (damn rare thing these days).
In addition to the standard arcade modes and multiplayer modes there is also a conquest mode involving a world map (similar to an RPG) and a mission battle where you are given different objectives to complete during the fight.
The cast of available characters is very diverse, ranging from a scary pirate, a ninja assassin, a monk and a lizard man and all play very differently.
This game has spawned 4 sequels and several spin offs but none of them have matched the impact of this classic title. For me the best beat em up on the Dreamcast and possibly Namco’s best ever game.

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