Battletoads in Battlemaniacs

Published by280899-battletoads-in-battlemaniacs-snes-front-cover
Tradewest, Inc.
Developed by
Rare, Ltd.
Jun, 1993
Also For
SEGA Master System

Battletoads in Battlemaniacs was released for the Super Nes in 1993, a follow up to 225238-battletoads-in-battlemaniacs-sega-master-system-screenshotthe awesome Battletoads games on the original Nintendo.

Sadly this game cannot compete with those earlier games in terms of gameplay or level design but still has much to enjoy. Firstly the graphics are excellent with chunky colourful characters and richly detailed backgrounds, the music is superb with some really meaty sound effects and the basic gameplay is fun with excellent controls.

225251-battletoads-in-battlemaniacs-sega-master-system-screenshotHowever, on the down side this game is extremely repetitive (even compared to the Nes games) with the same very few enemies to kill over and over which gets tired very quickly.

Even worse is the fact that you must restart each level from the beginning when you die which adds to the repetition, whilst this sort of thing was forgivable on the 8 bit systems there is no excuses on the 16 bit consoles (especially when games released years earlier like Streets of Rage have no such problems).

613503-battletoads-in-battlemaniacs-sega-master-system-screenshotOverall I would only recommend this game to you if you are a die hard fan of Battletoads, even then be prepared for a disappointment.

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