Sky Saga update by Philip Oliver


I have recieved an update from Philip Oliver regarding than fantastic Sky Saga I have played the Beta and it is a great game very addictive.

Sign up to alpha testing with this special key WLDIZZY1015 at

SkySaga is an endlessly evolving multi-player, ‘sandbox’ online world, that is as beautiful as it is ground-breaking. The story of Sky Saga is driven entirely by its players, who become heroes while shaping the world around them.
It’s a unique experience that lets players progress according to what they find most inspiring. No two SkySagaDizzy2heroes are alike and no two adventuress the same. Whether working as a team or questing alone, players are constantly encouraged to explore rich, living environments and to discover incredible new islands.
Fantastically varied, procedurally generated, voxel landscapes abound with treasures to plunder, dungeons to raid and resources with which to build amazing new islands in the sky. Players dig for minerals, chop trees for fuel and construction, hunt animals for food and build shelters from the elements and the dangers of4aca75_5715c6e0ef504014b8648f90124d427f the night.
Gamers wishing to challenge friends and rivals have seamless access to ‘Player versus Player’ battle arenas. Gladiators bring their adventuring gear and building skills to boost attack powers and gain tactical advantages on-the-fly.
We’ve been making games for over 30 years and have seen just about everything going, but we’ve never been as excited about a game as we are about SkySaga. The team at Radiant Worlds has worked incredible magic in bringing art, design, code, audio and technical brilliance together in a game that delivers the most captivating experience imaginable. And remember, SkySaga_668x227with the game still in closed alpha, we’re at the start of an exciting journey.
Do go an try it for yourself – it’s free and can be downloaded at It’s still in Alpha and you do need to register your email address to be become a tester.

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