Shadow of The Beast

Published by
Psygnosis Limited25496-shadow-of-the-beast-amiga-front-cover
Developed by
Reflections Interactive Limited
Also For
Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, FM Towns,
Genesis, Lynx,SEGA Master System, TurboGrafx CD,
ZX Spectrum

        Long ago, the Beast Lord conquered the world and banished all light. A mysterious child was born into this darkness. The Beast Lord’s warrior priests knew of the birth and warned the evil king that this child would someday destroy the Beast Lord and return light to the world. In terror, the Beast Lord ordered the child captured and transformed him into a demon of darkness. But when he reached maturity, the demon learned the with of his past and set out to destroy the Beast Lord and all his wicked minions. To succeed, the demon must go deep within the Beast Lord’s kingdom, into the very Shadow of the Beast!

I was very kindly given an Amiga 500 Home Computer for Christmas 1990, one of the games I got with it was this game Shadow of The Beast.173484-shadow-of-the-beast-amiga-screenshot-you-be-dead
This game has some good points, the graphics are incredible, probably the best looking game I had ever seen upto this point. The game takes you to all kinds of mythical places including colossal caves, dungeons and forbidden forests. The music is amazing really setting the scene and the overall atmosphere is just unrivalled on the Amiga.
Sadly that is where the good points end, the gameplay is awful sadly. Very repetitive, way too hard (I think you only have one life, luckily there was an infinite lives cheat code) and with sluggish controls.
These days this game is seen as more of a tech demo than a game and I would have to agree, although it did succeed in getting many Amiga owners (me included) excited about the future of the machine.
There were 2 more sequels on the Amiga, each with minor improvements but I still would not recommend either as being worth buying.

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