Sensible Soccer

Published by
Renegade Software60001-sensible-soccer-european-champions-92-93-edition-amiga-front-cover
Developed by
Sensible Software
Also For
Acorn 32-bit, Amiga CD32,
Atari ST, DOS, Game Boy,
Game Gear, Genesis,
J2ME, Jaguar, SEGA CD,
SEGA Master System


Despite not being a massive football fan I have played many footy games over the years and I still rate this game as being644909-sensible-soccer-european-champions-92-93-edition-atari-st my favourite more than 20 years after first playing it. I first played Sensible Soccer when I picked up a copy of Amiga Format back in 1992 and played the demo version on the cover disc, you could only play one game (England vs Germany I think) but it was enough to know I had to but the full game. Gameplay is simply yet brilliant one button does all, simply tap the button on the joystick to pass the ball and hold it down for a shot. The g644907-sensible-soccer-european-champions-92-93-edition-atari-stame runs at a million miles an hour and is especially good fun with a friend. Later versions of the game improved things further by adding more teams and later a superb management mode (SWOS) but for me I always have maximum love for the original. Even if you hate football you will likely love this game as it is so much fun and so arcade like. A must buy!

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