Alex the Kidd

Published by64092-alex-kidd-in-miracle-world-sega-master-system-front-cover
SEGA of America, Inc.
Developed by
SEGA Enterprises Ltd.
Also For
PlayStation 3, Wii



I have fond memories of this game which was built into the Master System 2.
I think what mad this game so memorable was its music very addictive music I have it in my head now!

Alex the Kid was a very challenging game and had different styles of levels from your traditional platform jumping level to swimming.
41225-alex-kidd-in-miracle-world-sega-master-system-screenshot-alexI love the rock, paper and scissors challenges to the fast bike riding parts.
Alex was a great 8 bit game until you put it up against Mario and Sonic.
Worth a play just for the music.

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