Crash Team Racing

Published by
Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.22041-ctr-crash-team-racing-playstation-front-cover
Developed by
Naughty Dog, Inc.
Oct 20, 1999
PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PSP, PS Vita

On the face of it Crash Team Racing (CTR for short) is one of many Mario Kart clones that came out during the late 90s. However, this game is better than all of them and even improves on the Super Nes Classic in some ways. All the characters from the Crash Bandicoot universe are available to use including Crash himself, Coco Bandicoot and the evil Dr Neo Cortex. All of them handle differently with strengths and weaknesses just like Mario kart. There is an amazing selection of tracks available and several more to unlock. For me where this game improves on Mario Kart is in the story mode involving an alien invasion lead by the very evil Komodo Joe, if you complete sections of the story mode you can unlock other characters to use in the game such as Penta Penguin and Ripper Roo. The playability in this game is outstanding I am still playing this game regularly over 15 years after purchase, great in single player and even better in 2 player (I still play this with my mum, although she cheats!). If you like Crash Bandicoot and or Mario Kart you simply have to try this, especially if you own a ps3 as you can download it from the shop for less than a fiver, must buy!

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