Rock N Roll Racing

Published by146755-rock-n-roll-racing-genesis-front-cover
Interplay Productions, Inc.
Developed by
Blizzard Entertainment Inc.
Also For
Game Boy Advance, SNES, Windows
Released on the Sega Megadrive in the Autumn of 1994, Rock ‘N’ Roll Racing is a pseudo 3d racing game from Interplay,95601-rock-n-roll-racing-genesis-screenshot-title-screenand very good it is too.
The graphics are amazing given the limitations of the hardware, the sound is fantastic too with great sound effects and a brilliant soundtrack with hits such as “Born to be wild”.
The gameplay is fun, fast and frantic, there are plenty of vehicle’s to choose from with plenty of upgrades available including weapons and various gadgets. The game offers six different planets to race on with each planet offering several alternative layouts keeping the game fresh for a long time.
To be 95600-rock-n-roll-racing-genesis-screenshot-blue-planethonest, I have heard that Rock ‘N” Roll Racing is even better on the Super Nintendo but I have never played that to tell you. What I can tell you however, is this version is excellent and well worth picking up if you are a fan of the genre.

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