Golden Axe

Published by
SEGA of America, Inc.
Developed by21054-golden-axe-genesis-front-cover
Team Shinobi
Also For
Amiga, Amstrad CPC,
Arcade, Atari ST, Commodore 64
, DOS,iPhone, PlayStation 3,
SEGA Master System,
TurboGrafx CD, Wii,
Windows, WonderSwan Color,
Xbox 360, ZX Spectrum


I first played golden axe on the Amiga 500 with a friend. We completed the game after a few days and replayed it whenever40104-golden-axe-genesis-screenshot-thunder-magic we could. I loved it, but when I eventually bought a Sega Megadrive and received Golden Axe with it I soon released that the Amiga version was the poor relation. Firstly the Megadrive version had better graphics, better controls, more attack moves and best of all more levels. In the amiga version you have to defeat the evil Death Adder to restore peace to your kingdom, in this version you have to defeat Death Adder and then face his god, the Lord Prince of the Dark Guild (or similar lol). To be honest he is basically the same 39422-golden-axe-genesis-screenshot-vs-two-skeletonsas Death Adder but with a different colour helmet. The gameplay in Golden Axe is simple and fun, simply beat up and kill evil hordes of demons and traitors to free each village in turn until you reach the castle. When you reach the castle you have to free the king and his daughter by killing death adder and then his boss. The game is very similar to Sega’s other great scrolling beat em up Streets of Rage but replaces the urban setting with a western fantasy setting. For me Golden Axe perfected scrolling beat em ups, even it’s own sequel could not beat it. Well worth checking out, especially as you can pick it up for less than a fiver.

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