F Zero

Published by41005-f-zero-snes-front-cover
Nintendo of America Inc.
Developed by
Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Aug, 1991
Also For
Arcade, Wii, Wii U


My first experience of the F zero franchise was when I played F Zero X on my N64 in the late 90s. I loved it, the game was so27172-f-zero-snes-screenshot-title-screen fast with fantastic controls and a great learning curve. When I was finally finished with the game I thought I would try the game’s predecessor on the Super Nes F Zero. I picked up the game for less than a tenner at the time and to my surprise it was even better than the N64 game. The Snes version has amazing graphics for the time, lovely rotation effects with Mode 7 3D (sorry Sega fans), fantastic handl
ing and an amazing set of vehicles and tracks. On the subject of the vehicles, this was the first game I played where you could race using space ships (before Wipeout 27179-f-zero-snes-screenshot-second-leveleven) all of them handling very differently with strengths and weaknesses. The tracks are amazing with some devilishing hard twists and turns towards the end. Overall this game is a fantastic advert for the Super Nes and its capabilities, especially when you consider the game came out in 1991! This game is a must buy, you can pick it up for a few pounds and in my opinion it is the best Super Nes racer not called Mario Kart.

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