Castle of illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

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SEGA of America, Inc.
Developed by
SEGA Enterprises Ltd.
During the 16 bit days there were many many great 2d platform games, chief among them was this game Castle of illusion Starring Mickey Mouse.687202-castle-of-illusion-starring-mickey-mouse-genesis-screenshot
Released in 1990 just in time for the christmas season this game took the gaming world by storm. Featuring everybody’s favourite mouse Castle Of illusion has everything, stunning graphics (almost like a cartoon) with fantastic sprites and animations, simple and fun gameplay, amazing sound effects and background music, superb controls and a perfect learning curve where each level is a little tougher than the last.
Speaking of the levels, there is so much variety. One level takes place in the magical forest with huge mushrooms and red apples, another takes place in toyland where you must deal with scary looking toys including soldiers and clowns and another takes place in a castle with all of Mickey’s familiar foes.
112164-castle-of-illusion-starring-mickey-mouse-genesis-screenshotThis game helped kick off a golden age of Disney related platformers including Aladdin and The lion King, yet none of them are in the same league as this game. If you own a megadrive and have even a passing interest in platform games then you simply must buy this game.

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