Super Samurai Kickstarter Saturday 5th November 2016

The legendary team behind many retro classics including the Last Ninja 2, Exolon, Street Racer and Cybernoid; Mev Dinc and Raff Cecco are thrilled to announce the formation of their new company, Pixel Age Studios!

Mind you, what’s a developer without a game?

We are even more thrilled to announce a rip-roaring reboot of our 16 bit Amiga classic, First Samurai. Introducing…

SUPER SAMURAI Temples of Time.


An extra 48 bits plus modern hardware?! We couldn’t resist all that goodness and are pushing the envelope once again, turning our retro-classic into a new cutting-edge classic!

We’ve been working very hard for the last few months and have a ton of concepts, videos and screen-grabs to share with you.

We’ve assembled a great and talented team to work with us, including a legendary games musician to score the soundtrack!

Rest assured we’ll never forget our retro-roots, and we’re using all or buzzing energy and experience to ensure Super Samurai will be full of the thrills, spills, noise, fun and humour you’d expect; plus powering it up with much more!

We could rely on publishers and investors, but instead we are seeking the support and backing of our fans, enthusiasts and friends for complete creative freedom to ensure Super Samurai becomes a thrilling finished game, tailored to YOUR expectations.

So, the most important news is that the Super Samurai Kickstarter campaign will start on Saturday 5th November 2016!

Please be there to back Super Samurai, and we’ll make sure we deliver something amazing for you with all our heart and soul!

A very big THANK YOU!


Raff Cecco Interview click here

Mev Dinc Interview click here

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