Play Expo Margate 2020

By Peter Ward

The team Myself the Editor, Bradley Wade my Photographer and my son David Ward the Retro gamer attended 22nd February.

Team RGM Bradley Wade, David Ward and Peter Ward

It was a very windy day but the did not stop retro fans coming in their hoards. When we arrived, there was huge cue running along the seafront. Luckily being press we got in early.

You will notice in the photos there was not many people, but this was as we got in first later you could not move for the huge number of retro fans.

Daniel Ibbertson AKA DJ Slope and Nostalgia Nerd, Peter Ward and David Ward

There was some great guest on the day including a surprise visit from Jon Ritman creator of Head over Heels.  Other guest included Youtubers Kim Justice, Top Hat Gaming Man, Daniel Ibbertson AKA DJ Slope and Nostalgia Nerd.

Top Hat Gaming Mand And Pete Ward AKA Retrogamesmaster and the Game Child!

It as great to see the Retro Fusion team there with all their high-quality books I did treat myself to the Crash Album what an amazing book.

Retro Fusion team Chris Wilkins (Left) and Alan Hammerton (Right) and (centre) Peter Ward
Peter Ward and Kim Justice

Some of days highlights included:

An awesome game quiz by Slopes

In the afternoon a Q and A with Retro You Tubers (interviews coming soon)

Cosplay Masquerade

Gaming tournaments such as Mario Kart 64, Smash Bros and Puyo Puyo.

There was a good quality of Indie Devs at the expo including myself our gaming Kickstarter launches 27th March 2020 Super Mash Retro Invaders. Other Devs included Head Tilt Games –

Support our Kickstarter soon.

Millions Of Minions, Steve Miller – Okinawa Rush, Leda Entertainment – Bullion – The Curse of the Cut-Throat Cattle, Asobi.Tech – Mao Mao Castle and GLITCHERS – Drive Buy (interviews coming soon)

David playing Simpsons Pinball

The main area had different sections Arcade and Pinball, Minecraft/ Fornite, LAN gaming, Multiplayer, Retro, Xbox, VR, Current Gen.

LAN Party!

The was also a Trader Zone with many cool shops where I treated myself to a copy of Crash Annual 2019 by Retro Fusion, Roger Kean and Chris Wilkins.

Shop to you drop retro style
Steve Miller – Okinawa Rush

Me and my son had a good go of Ms Pacman my son found the stiff joystick challenge compared to the controls of today I showed him how it is done Retromaster Style.

Some lovely Pinball Machines my favourite was the Simpsons and Terminator 2.

So Many amazing Retro Machines to see and play including the Vectrex and Virtual Boy.

Many Retro machines.

The Event was a great family event for people of all ages my son loved as did the team I can’t wait until the next Expo bring it on Retro Events.