Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World

The digital version of Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World can be purchased from the Nintendo and Sony stores and is published by STUDIOARTDINK.

The boxed retail version of  Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World comes exclusively with the original Monster World IV published by ININ Games


• Developed by the original members of Westone Bit • • • •
The fully remastered version of Wonder Boy IV is led by none other than its original creator, Ryuichi Nishizawa. He is supported by Maki Ōzora for character design, Shinichi Sakamoto, who created the new and improved music and sound effects that accompanies Asha’s adventures and Takanori Kurihara as creative manager to create a worthy remake and new entry to the iconic series.

I have been playing the Wonder Boys since my childhood spending my pocket money in the arcades and on other platforms such as ZX Spectrum, Master System and Megadrive. Whats the first thing say about this well…

The game has modern cel shaded graphics and some 3D elements with some beautiful art and animations. Also has an updated soundtrack with a modern spin.

It keeps to the roots of the original with updated graphics.

Its a pure pleasure to play just wish it had the option to switch between modern and retro original but does not. It is available seperate for physical versions of the game.

I would definatly reccomended this game apart from maybe hold fire for a sale as £30 is a little bit steep considering many hidden platform gems out there. Could only reccomended you buy at full price if a hardcore fan.

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