Friday 17 February 2017 11:00
to Sunday 19 February 2017 18:00
GEEK is moving to Dreamland Margate!

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GEEK is a festival of play and games. It brings together people to meet, make and play.
Family entertainment for half term, GEEK is three days of spectacle, challenges, talks, workshops and hundreds of games to play.
We love games! Old and new, computer games, board games, card games and real world games. As well as all the creative magic that goes into them: coding, science, drawing, custard, storytelling, music composition, zombie makeup, poetry and much much more.
There is no better place to do this than Dreamland! Since 1920 people have been flocking to The Hall by the Sea to have fun. And in 2017 it will be transformed into a world
of games and play!


We are excited to have the COSPLAY Masquerade back again for GEEK
If you can sign up on the day or contact us here for more information.
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Whats LARP?
Live action role play – its a type of roleplaying game without an audience, where the participants collaboratively play out moments of fictional characters lives. Nordic Larps, place emphasis on player immersion or ‘really being there’. Larps are set in fictional settings represented by the real world. Open to new and experienced players alike (each larp includes a pre-larp workshop) but signing up is crucial.
If you wanted to take part contact us here.
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GEEK is a great place to exhibit your wares. If you are interested in a stall at GEEK 2017 please get in contact for a booking form and full terms and conditions.
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We are excited to invite the ever popular Indies back to GEEK. Our Indie Zone is aimed at showcasing great new games, introducing game players to exciting new game makers and placing game making at the heart of the festival.
Friday 17th will have an Indie game focus with the Indie Q&A and panels but across the whole festival there will be Indie meets. The Best in GEEK Indie peoples vote award is back and will be awarded on Sunday.

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