RGM at Geek 2017



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The RGM team attended GEEK 2017 February 18th and covered the event with Interviews with Rob Hewson (Hyper Sentinel),  James Lighfoot (The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain) and Lukasz Snopkiewicz (Space Toads Mayhem) (Videos coming soon).

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RGM also covered the Official 25th Anniversary Mario Kart Tournament Final and the Winner won a Nintendo Switch when they are released. (Video coming soon if Nintendo are happy for us to launch the complete Final Footage)

Hosted by  Matt Andrews Esports Stage Host, Desk Host and Caster | TV Presenter seen on Sky, ESL, BT Sport and FE | MC | Comedian | Game Shows and Chat Shows | Gamer.

It was a very exciting spectacle which everyone enjoyed reminded me of watching Games Master or Games World it was great to behind the Camera recording the whole event.

The Winner won a Nintendo Switch when it is released.

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Will the lucky winner of a Nintendo Switch

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Chris Left(Runner up), Will Centre (Winner) and Right Robin in 3rd Place


Much Retro fun to be had here is just a few of what RGM experienced at GEEK

Lemmings on the Amiga 1200

SWOS on the Amiga 1200

Mario Kart on the SNES played in a bumper car

Zombies on the Snes

Commodore 64

Contra on the NES
Luigi’s Mansion on the Gamecube
Pacman projected on BIG wall
Dr Robotnik in Europe on the Megadrive

Many awesome Indie games on show video and email interviews coming soon



                                                    James Lightfoot (The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain)

Rob Hewson (Hyper Sentinel)



Some great retro stores

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Order retro gear at Blue Bird press click here to order

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