Welcome to the Team

Peter Ward Editor/Journalist and Web Designer (UK)

I am a freelance journalist and have published in Player Spirit France.  I am also soon going to be in Gaming Documentary The Button Basher’s Movie.

I have been gaming since my first computer the ZX Spectrum +3 and this gave me my first taste of learning to use a keyboard and coding. I was lucky to have a tape deck for my spectrum and owned many games on the Spectrum mostly on Cassette. I have played and owned many computers and consoles through the years as follows: Spectrum, Commodore 64(games system),Master System, Game Gear, NES, Gameboy(original,Color,Advanced SP, DS, 3DS and Virtua Boy), Snes, Megadrive, 32X, Amiga, N64, Saturn, PS1,PSP, Vita, Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox, Game Cube PS3, Xbox 360 and currently got my PS4. I love my retro gaming and did recently down size my retro collection due to space :-(. I still own a Megadrive, Saturn and Dreamcast and my Dreamcast still sits in front of my TV in the Living Room. I aim to review the GOOD game to start with and then the BAD and the UGLY in time!!! I could list many great games but you will get to see and read the reviews over the years. Welcome to my Retro Site 🙂



Meeting the Oliver Twins.

000-000-PlayerSpirit_N2_Rb_ITW-DavidPerry-ok-corr one of my interviews

Expert reviewer Eric Bowden aka Mr Comedy (UK)

Ladies and Gentleman of the Parole board Thank you for hearing my case today…oops sorry that is the other presentation I am working on (joking).  I have been a fan of video games since playing my cousin’s Commodore 64 way back in the mid 1980s and since that time I have owned almost every games machine ever released from the Amiga 500, Snes and Megadrive to the original Playstation, Saturn and N64 to the Playstation 2 and Gamecube and now a Playstation 3.  I was fortunate  enough to grow up at a time where video games were fun, colourful, new, exciting and friendly to everyone. Now, sadly the video game world is full of day one dlc, glitchy software, micro transactions, update patches, online only and always online drm, angry twitter mobs and hate hashtags.  With this in mine I want to return to the good old days by playing old skool classics and sharing my experiences on this lovely website. Well done to Pete for making this website, he is a good guy no matter what you may have heard (kidding) !  4aca75_866c1ba1e5b242c88c8809a833b09a6e

 Dan Tootill (Reviewer on Games Master) (UK)

My obsession with video games began in a holiday park arcade in 1983, before I was tall enough to reach the joystick. The first console I owned was the Atari 2600, but for me those simple games were more “something to do” rather than anything to get excited about. It was the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 that really captured my imagination; I was lucky enough to own a C64 and have been fascinated by the machine ever since. Over the following years I owned a Master System, original Gameboy, Megadrive (my favourite console), Amiga, PlayStation 1 and Dreamcast.

I appeared as a reviewer on GamesMaster (Series 2, 2 episodes) at the age of 14, hoping this might create an opportunity to work in the video game industry. Although being part of the show had been a fantastic experience, it became something I later regretted largely due to my goofy “rabbit in the headlights” appearance on camera. Taunts continue to this day in the form of some typically hurtful YouTube comments. Believe it or not I have always looked fairly normal in real life!

Now nearly 40 and married with two daughters, my interest in modern games has fallen away but my love of the real classics never has. Whether it’s going back for more of games I played to death as a kid, discovering the ones that passed me by or simply waffling about retro-gaming on Twitter, I am a real nostalgia junkie and will probably still be playing Double Dragon or Road Rash in 100 years’ time (albeit in the form of a brain in a jar, plugged directly into a Megadrive).12910901_10153741229484340_1467192404_n

James Whelan Reviewer

I’m a Commodore and Amiga fanatic, with a lock – up full of original boxed Amiga games and
hardware (no, they ’ re not for sale). I love fiddling around with assembly language on the Amiga – it
really gives you a sense of respect and admiration for the people who coded all those games we
love. I ’ m also fascinated with the history of Commodore and all the corporate machinations which
went on within the company , till that fateful day in 1994 when it closed its doors forever.


Rafa Corrales 

In 1994 I launched a club dedicated to MSX system. My intention was to keep updated to all MSX users of the city of Madrid before the boom of Internet. One year later we organized the first edition of MadriSX, small exhibition dedicated to MSX in the capital of Spain.

During 2004 I launched “MadriSX & Retro”, the first exhibition dedicated to retro in Spain. Later it became “RetroMadrid” (the last edition got more than 8.000 visitors). For making RetroMadrid possible I worked hard for building the AUIC association where many groups of the scene were included as members.

Nowadays I collaborate with multiple initiatives and I continue giving meaning to my love of classical computers.

Victoria Graves

Hi there guys, my name is Victoria and Im from the sunny (ha) UK. I work in a library, am a dog lover and video game nerd. My favorite franchise being the Resident Evil series. My favorite consoles would have to be the Mega Drive and PlayStation 1. Both hold dear parts in my heart. My first memory of gaming was when I got a Super Nintendo with Zelda : A link to the past and ever since then, I’ve been addicted.

Sheldon James Stokes

I have been playing games ever since my father bought me a Sega Master System back when I was 5. Like any kid I quickly became addicted to the worlds and characters and only became more engulfed as new consoles were released. Through-out the years ive owned a NES, SNES, Mega Drive, Gameboy, PS1, PS2, Gameboy Advance, GBA SP, Gamecube, Xbox, Nintendo DS, 3DS. Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Wii, Wii U and thanks to friends ive even started PC gaming. Games are a passion of mine which I also share through Live streaming and speedruning games such as the Resident Evil series, Silent Hill & Legend Of Zelda series. I cant imagine a day where I ever put down the controller for good.


Sheldon James Stokes A.K.A OArcadiaSkiesO