Tubular Rifts



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With over 25 years experience in computer programming and a collection of developed apps, Mike brings clear focus and spirit to the Boogie Down Games brand.
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Trained in the arts of 3D modeling and animation, Alex brings our game ideas to life. Guilty of rapid game ideation, his creativity and endevour towards perfection puts the final seal on Boogie Down Games.
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Ever since he was a kid, Bilal wanted to know how computer games worked. Now, he’s making them. His design and technical skills allows for Boogie Down Games’ to shine.
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With an unfathomable depth of obscure and arcane video game knowledge, Dennis knows the industry’s  trends better than anyone else. Personable and social, he handles all business relationships for Boogie Down Games.

What was everyones first computer/video game?

Mike – Pong in an arcade machine at a Bronx bar

Bilal – Super Mario Bros. NES

Alex – Flashback on 386

Dennis – Commander Keen on Windows 95


What got you into game development?

Mike – Childhood dream since 6 years old

Bilal – Influences like Tomonobu Itagaki, Hideo Kojima, Hideki Kamiya

Alex – After playing FF7 and Rampart I was convinced

Dennis – After playing Killer 7 I was convinced


Favorite environments you work on?

Mike – Unity, Unreal, Visual Studio, Sublime Text, Maya

Bilal – Unity 3D, Visual Studio, Paint.NET, bfxr so I can make quick prototypes when I need

Alex – Unity, Game Maker although I work 3D as well on 3DSMax

Dennis – Photoshop and Notepad Mostly

Most difficult parts of developing, most recent example from Tubular Rifts?

Mike – Getting physics implemented onto assets to get things to feel playable the right way, Building the tracks

Bilal – Getting the skeleton gameplay of the game working

Alex – AI for the competing racers

Dennis – Ultimately how would be the best way to get a game like Tubular Rifts recognized


After Tubular Rifts?

Mike – Whatever we concentrate on we want to make it the best

Bilal – We have a treasure trove of ideas that we are feverishly wanting to work on, whatever crazy idea we agree on, you’ll see

Alex – I want a real tower defense using hololens

Dennis – We have a good amount of games in various stages of development we’d hope to develop. We like to make original games on all the platforms we work with

What other games have you made?

Mike – Space Dweebs 1, 2 ios android, duck mob ios android Inkblots web

Bilal – Gachapon Runner on the web, Super Ghoul Blaster on the web

Alex – Bubble Guys: Stop the Slicksters on ios

Dennis – Rhyme Crisis on youtubetouristtrap_button

Favorite Retro Game

Mike – Demon Attack 2600, Ultima on Commodore 64, Bonks Adventure, Blazing Lasers on Turbografx-16, Chuck Yeager Air Combat for 386

Bilal – Shining Force 2 on Genesis

Alex – I love anything on Super Nintendo, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

Dennis – Zero Wing Genesis, BeamRider Colecovision, Hybrid Heaven


Do you play any current games on modern platforms?

Mike – Street Fighter IV on Vita, Shovel Knight 3DS, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Bilal – Diablo 3 for Ps4 excellent UX good updates, awesome artwork

Alex – I play a lot on my 3DS i like first party nintendo stuff usually

Dennis – Odin Sphere Leifthrauser, Audiosurf, Spelunky

Worst Game ever played?

Mike – When I played Nintendo games on a bootleg system

Bilal – Starshot Space Circus Fever on Nintendo 64. This game is such a letdown with its mechanics

Alex – Wing Commander port on SNES. It was just confusing

Dennis – Defender on gamecube and Thorium Wars on 3ds felt the same and were both upsetting


Is there anything you would like to see featured on Retro Games Master UK?

Mike – Showing games that originate the game ideas being made today, like how they remade Rocket League from the arcade game Car Polo

Bilal – Old retro game UI gallery, questions to developers about why they make the decisions they make

Alex – I think it would be cool to see how old game articles received a game back then compared to how it is seen now by all players

Dennis – A game where a dev team deconstucts how another known game was made as if they were tasked to make the game