Toyville heroes


Interview with Ilyas and Hakim of Some Game Studio team by Peter Ward


Toyville heroes: Jumping Jam is a game where you need to play for a cute toy characters and jump from one monument to another. But be careful, you need to accurately calculate the jump, otherwise you will fall into the valley of toys. Get higher scores to unlock new toy characters and beat everyone in the leaderboard! Features: – Addictive and annoying gameplay (in the best meaning, of course :3) – Beautiful toy-like 3D environment – Dozens of cute and attractive toy characters.


First of all Welcome to Retrogamesmaster.

What is your first gaming experience?

I: Mortal Combat on Sega Mega Drive in 00’s

H: It was a long time ago so I don’t remember exactly. But I all remember is that was a shooter with 3rd view (view from top). and it was on MS DOS.1118image2

What got you into programming games?

I: Final project for course of programming on C++ language. We made kinda clone of Mario on terminal
H: I always dreamed about creating my own games, and it seems so difficult. But after all on 2nd year of my university studying I installed Unity3D engine and till now I’m making games.

What development tools or coding did you use?

Unity3D, C#, Visual Studio IDE.

What hurdles did you have making your current game?

The most difficult thing to do is to combine everything. Creating some game features itself is easy though.1118image1

After the completion of the game what game will you make?

Make several games and compound them into one series of games. Now we call this kinda universe “Toyville Heroes”

What other games have you made you made?

King of Smiths, Fakemon Clicker, Overleap AR edition

My favourite computer was my Amiga and console the Megadrive do you have a favourite?

I: My first Celeron with 128 MB RAM and Sega Mega Drive
H: PC I got a quite long time ago, but my favorite console is Sega Mega Drive.1118image3

What is your favourite retro game?

I: Soldier of fortune;
H: Mario, Mortal Kombat, TMNT, Battletoads, Sunset riders, Contra force etc;

Do you still game on the current consoles if so whats your favourite game?

I: The last one was PS3 and Heavy Rain.
H: Games from Quantic Dream, Bioware

Whats the worst game you have ever played?

We just don’t catch them in my memory. But we guess they were

Finally what game or feature would you like to see on Retrogamesmaster in the future?

I: Make website a little more user-friendly and beautiful.
H: More is better. They make me feel nostalgic.