The Masters of Pixel Art” volume 2 Kickstarter

kickstarter_collage_2Quick facts about the book and kickstarter for “The Masters of Pixel Art” volume 2:
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(same format as volume 1):
* typ: hardback
* pages: 216
* size: 30,5 x 23,6 x 2,2 cm
* weight: 1,450 kg
* paper: 150 g silk coated

foldup_3(unique for this book)
* cover: white matte textile finish with silver foil
* featured artists: 41
* number of images: more than 350

* Physical release, when the books are shipped to customers and backers: 5 dec
* Kickstarter release date: 12 sep

foldup_2Volume 2 features images from the Commodore 64, together with pixel art from other “exotic low-end” machines like the Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum, Atari XL-XE, Commodore Plus/4 and MSX.

foldup_1Featured artists:
AcidT*, Archmage, Carrion, Clone, Deev, Duce, Electric, Helm, ilesj, iLKke, Jailbird, Joe, Kenët, Leon, Louie64, Made, Mermaid, Mirage, Nero, Odyn1ec, Ooz, Oys, Pal, Piesiu, pRof, Prowler, ptoing, Redcrab, rexbeng, Sander, SIT, Skurwy, Slayer Grafix, STE, Stone, The Sarge, Twoflower, Valsary, Veto, Wayne Schmidt, Yazoo

c64_announcetro-image_2In the kickstarter the book can be backed in combination with different “extras” depending on which reward is choosen:
* the volum 1 books
* poster collection : 32 sheets with 1 image per sheet, by 32 different artists (16 from vol. 1, 16 from vol. 2). Perfect to frame and put on the wall.
* bookmarks : 50 unique bookmarks with images from 50 featured artists.
* postcards : c64 PETSCII, pixel art images and c64 & Amiga pictures by Prowlerc64_announcetro-image_1