The History of the Game Boy by Peter Ward


1980 Game and Watch

The Game Boy inventor Gunpei Yokoi was inspired by a businessman button-Bashing an calculator. 60 games Were made and sold 43.4 million units worldwide

1989 Game Boy:

Original 8-bit handheld with a 2.6-inch, 160 x 144 screen capable of dispaying four shades of olive green. Batteries lasted 15-30 on four AA Batteries. Weighning 400g.


1994 Super Game Boy:

Play Game Boy games on your TV via the Super Nintendo


1995 Virtua Boy

The Virtua Boy not quite a handheld but branded as a Game boy never released in Europe I was lucky to own one and had some great games


1996 Game Boy Pocket

Smaller and lighter needing less batteries


1998 Game Boy Light

Only released in Japan had a backlit screen


1998 Game Boy Color

Released 9 years after the original boasting colour screen supporting 56 colours


2001 Game Boy Advance

Complete new 32bit system with 2.9″ screen and shoulder buttons


2003 Game Boy Advance SP

Sleeker sexier can close in half and great ion lithium battery and great backlight


2003 Game Boy player

Play GB, GBC and GBA games on the Game Cube.


2004 Nintendo DS

Featured two screens — a standard 2.4-inch up top, and a 1.8-inch resistive touchscreen.
Had Wifi for the first time and also supported GBA games


2005 Game Boy Micro

A Good bye to the Advanced with a small micro GBA just 80g


2006 DS Light

Does like it say on the tin its lighter and slimmer better light and battery


2008 DSI

Has SD Slot and has DSI online shop to download games and demos and a camera. But does not support GBA anymore.


2009 DSi XL

A 4.2-inch top screen, vs. the 3.25-inch DSi and the 3-inch original DS


2011 3DS:

3DS is a more powerful DS but with a 3.5-inch autostereoscopic and does not need 3D glasses also had 3D camera on the back.


2012 3DS XL

Its is 3D and has a 4.88-inch screen on top, a 4.18-inch resistive touchscreen on the bottom


2013 2DS

play 3DS games in 2D and no hinge why?????


2014 New 3DS and 3DS XL

  Buttons inspired from old school days sleeker designs again