The Complete SNES book


The Complete SNES is a comprehensive near 500 page Super Nintendo Collector’s Book. This is the first ever comprehensive book on the Super Nintendo that covers every game released with complementary artwork! Aside from the licensed and unlicensed US releases, this book will also include PAL exclusives, Competition Carts, Homebrew Games and even accessories. This is poised to be the Ultimate source for the Super Nintendo!

The book itself will be optimal quality with a large 8.5″ by 11″ size, around 500 beautiful color pages with a glossy hard cover; perfect for a coffee table! This is also completely consistent with the previous book releases and will look perfect next to them on a shelf.

There is also a second book called the Super Nintendo Compendium to go along with the main book. This secondary book is available to back right at the launch of the project! It will offer full page artwork and personal stories on Super Nintendo topics, games and even will cover the Super Famicom!PAL Exclusives