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Brad Burton(26 episodes of Games Master)



The number of presenters the programme is going to have? Brad Burton and Big Boy Barry (plus guests from the industry past and present)

Is there going to be a live programme or a recorded programme? Recorded

Will the Programme include interviews? Interviews

Will the programme carry commercials? If yes, what type of commercials? Possible sponsor

Would there be any backdrop? Still to be decided possible large hall with audience

Is it a collaborative arrangement with the station or you have independent sponsors who are going to finance the project? Crowd Funded



RGM TV Pilot Episode

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Big Boy Barry of Games World
  • Introduction by the presenters
  • Overview of the show (Retro, Indie and Next Gen)
  • Retro Challenge (2 members of the audience) (Hosted by One presenter and 1 retro industry guest)
  • Feature (Maybe On the Rift or HTC) (Chris Baker my website Co-Editor of site is getting one)
  • Current Gen Challenge (2 members of the audience) (Hosted by One presenter and 1 Current industry guest)
  • Indie game of the week
  • Presenters Good byes
  • Next week teaser
  • End Credits

Check out draft Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/retrogamesmaster/845359286?token=ab9a1b9f