RETRO @ MCM Comic Con London 2019

Retrogamesmaster attended this years event at the Excel in London.

It was a fun day out attended by me and my son and it is nice to see all the amazing outfits and stores but what I liked the most was the retro consoles and arcade machines at the event.

Retro meets Cowabunga!!!
Side Quest Retro Section
My son posing with Pole Position.
Bubble Bobble and Space Invaders there is my childhood right there.
A Japanese Street Fighter II Whack em game I have never seen this before?
Closer look.
My son playing Treasure Island Dizzy by the Oliver Twins
David Cranes Pitfall
Atari 7800
BBC Micro and Chuckie Egg/ Amstrad GX4000 and Klax
Finish him!!!