Project Hubbard (Official Rob Hubbard Kickstarter)

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Project Hubbard Kickstarter – Dr. Rob Hubbard, Legendary game music pioneer,

honoured with official biography, new Commodore 64 chiptunes announced.

Like the Commodore 64 itself, Dr. Rob Hubbard is a legend. And legends deserve a book. In this case, the

first book ever written devoted to a Video Game Music Artist, and Rob’s official biography.

As the name in Western 1980s game music, Rob Hubbard was a driving force behind the explosion in the

quality of video game music from 1985 onwards. Games were bought because of his music. Careers

blossomed because of the innovation he brought to the industry.

He composed and programmed the Commodore 64, the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Amiga,

NES, Megadrive/Genesis, MSX, Atari 8-bit, Tandy PC Jr, 3DO, PC and mobile, reaching millions.

Both technically and musically, he pushed the envelope, and inspired thousands into careers in the British

Software Industry. A 1986 Golden Joystick award for his seminal tune “Sanxion” is only scratching the

surface, and thanks to exposure in magazines such as Newfield’s Zzap!64, he became a reluctant


A move to Electronic Arts in 1988 kickstarted decade’s worth of innovation in music.

The lead author of the book is Dr. Kenny McAlpine at the University of Abertay. He is the country’s

foremost specialist in chipmusicology, and is well placed to explain why Rob’s music and sound-design

for games such as “Commando”, “Crazy Comets”, “Monty on the Run” and “Thing on a Spring” were so

memorable that they are being enjoyed and remixed over 30 years later.

The book also covers his biography, softography and technology, as well as his impact on culture and

fans, many of whom attribute their careers to him.

New Commodore 64 chiptunes announced

As legends do, they create more than they release. In Rob’s case, not all of his tunes became chiptunes.

The Kickstarter opens the door to the creation of 10 new, but vintage chiptunes (SIDs). This has been the

holy grail for Rob Hubbard fans for almost 30 years since he left the Commodore 64 behind. The tunes

can be played on a real Commodore 64, but are also audio tracks as part of an album called “Alt-SIDs”.

Composed by Rob, and with Rob’s distinctive sound-design, this dream is being realised with Rob by

another legend: Jason Page, who made his name at Graftgold, developers of Uridium. Formerly of Sony

Entertainment, he is now working at Unity. He has become a chiptune legend in his own right.

8-Bit Symphony

The “Jewel in the Crown” stretch goal is to be able to book a full orchestral concert with the London

Symphony Orchestra (Star Wars, Harry Potter) at the Barbican in London, the first ever symphonic

concert devoted entirely to 8-bit music. An additional concert dedicated to Rob’s own music is also a