Folkestone Retro Gamers Event 12/02/18

A group of Folkestone based Costumers & Cosplayers linked up with YARP Festivals to host a “Retro Games Event” as part of “YARP Festival 2017” and wanted to continue working together in 2018 to create something bigger as a team.

After receiving funding a Community Grant from Folkestone Town Council Colin O’Reilly of YARP Festivals set out on sourcing three 32″ LCD screens and purchased three Pandora S5’s consoles which all feature 999 classic retro arcade games ranging from the 1970’s to modern day.

Our Tech guy Joe Ice built and designed the custom games housing which houses both Pandora S5 Console and 32″ LCD Screen along with multi adapter power supplies (cup holders pending ?). 

Our key members whom are instrumental in planning, organizing, and running our events and activities are Gav Gaf, Gemma Presneill, Joe Ice, Matthew Milton, Richard Drake, Cheryl Howker, Martin Crampton, Hayley Stickells, Mark Hourahane and Colin O’Reilly.


Our next meet up is on Mon 12 February at The Windsor Folkestone, 5 Langhorne Gardens (The Leas), Folkestone, CT20 2EA. Donation based tickets and details are listed here:

Our next meet up after that is a retro gaming night on Sunday 18th February from 4pm at Hyper Space Laser Tag, 3 Centurion Park Caesars Way, Folkestone, Kent. Tickets for joint Laser Tag & Retro Games available from:

Here’s a video of our consoles in action on our facebook page:

Folkestone Retro Gamers: