Alessandro Filipponi of CRYsoft

About us

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow us to introduce you the craziest teammates ever seen! This curious group of marbles, half humans, half gamers, half creatives (three halves are perhaps too many, but not enough, especially because they are half crazy too), which last year met to create the most ramshackle team of developers, is very small but it has all is needed to ensure the fun!
This is Alessandro the CRYsoft’s brain; the most efficient and fussy guy I’ve ever met. Although he is a man all of a piece, his brain is divided into 20 and this allows him to live days of 480 hours. Don’t ask me how. Every crazy idea comes by him. He’s also the Level Designer, which means, he tries to content me and keep up with my whims and this is something extremely difficult! ūüėÄ
Hi-Tech Carpet Salesman 75%
Brainstorming Eater 50%
Designer For Dummies 30%

It’s just big the half that i had imagined..

CEO(and Peter Jackson)
This is Aymen-Pure Architect. He knows no other way than this one: 01100010011010010110111 0011000010111001001111001… You can try to describe to him the beauty of a color or the feelings that arouses you in a thousand ways, and he will always look at you like the cow looks at the passing train on the prairie! The beauty of 01 is above all! But he’s the Master of the Code! He’s also a faithfull mouth of truth! And with him, the fun is guaranteed!
Weekend Skynet Coder 90 %
Puzzling Languages Speaker 65 %
Google Search Master 50 %

Bow before the CODE infidels!


What can I say about our Cris (Tecnyoh) The Music Baker? He’s a volcano! I’m proud to say that our musician rocks! Rolling Legend soundtrack rocks! Rolling Legend rocks…! Ehm… anyway… The nickname is not a mere coincidence! He churns out, fragrant, piece by piece, original music and not prepackaged assets! He and his headphones are one thing, as you can see, and they are doing an amazing job!

Badass Ninja Bassist 80 %
Pro Foley Artist 70 %
Bandit In Leisure 50 %

It’s just another brick in the wall… of the sound!



And now, for something completely different… The Hand! The labor, the low-rank manpower, even if I’m a delicate girl actually… I am the Pencil. So, if you have the urgency to insult the Art Director, feel free to talk to me! Now you can understand why I love to call myself Frandal√¨. In honour of one of my favourite artists from which I can dare to take only the mustache…
Eye Of The Pencil (NA! NA-na-NA!) 110%
Master Procrastinator 80%
Hi-Tech Carpet Salesman Padwan 50%

Screw the perspective!

So, are we or are we not the most ramshackle team ever seen?Frandali

First of all Welcome to Retrogamesmaster.
Thank you all. I’m very glad to be here today. My name is Alessandro and i’m the co-founder and Project Manager of CRYsoft Development, we’re a team of 4. My other collegues and friends are Aymen Mezni, our bold Programmer and other half founder, Francesca Velenosi, our Art Director (“dictator” she say) and last but not least Cristiano Ferracuti our incredible skilled Sound Designer.Skiddy preview

What is your first gaming experience?
Well, i’m a little bit “old” and i come from Commodore64 school. My parents gave it to me when i was 9 and they hoped i would used it to follow those strange programming lessons on tapes included in the C64 package. It never happened because i always skipped tapes lessons at their very end just to play with the educational games included into each of them.promo_banner

What got you into programming games?
I attended a professional school and i spent many hours studying math, business administration and obviously information technology. I started mainly programming business administration oriented software, but i found them boring and not really original, so during an hot and sweaty summer afternoon i started to code my first “game” using the programming language i learned at school (ndr. Turbo Pascal): Mutant Chronosheets. It wasn’t actual a game, but rather a small software to easily create the Mutant Chronicles pen&paper sheets.ingame_horatio2

What development tools or coding did you use?

At this time we’re using Unity engine and his native programming language. We’ve focused on 2D features of Unity.ingame_terence1

What hurdles did you have making your current game?
The same problem we have every time we start a new project: carefully plan every single minute spent on it, because we work remotely cause each of us live far away from the others and we have very little chances to sit around a table to speak.ingame_loretta0

After the completion of the game what game will you make?
We just released a couples of months ago our first puzzle game MatchYS on every mobile platform. Now we are developing a quite simple but fun endless jumper named Space Max. The future plans are to expand our games offer creating different types of games. I can just give you a small hint about our next project: it will be a frenetic cross-platform multiplayer game inspired to an old glory…

What other games have you made you made?
Our first love: Rolling Legend – EPISODE 1 is our proud and our honor. It is a platform game set into a humanoid like marbles world. It takes some of his setting inspirations from pop culture, while his gameplay is inspired to great classics like Megaman, Kirby and even Super Mario. It’s a concentrate of fun and humour. Our second game has been Skiddy, a racing kart game sponsored by the italian masterclass company Neveplast. They contacted us to develop their promotional game to create a crossover between their real product and a virtual one, so we thought this old style racing game would do exactly to their case.

My favourite computer was my Amiga and console the Megadrive do you have a favourite?
The Commodore 64 gave me so many emotions with his games i i can’t even remember them all, but yes it was my favorite computer because it was the first and it even works now after 25 years! My favorite console is the evergreen Gameboy and his green-gray palette games.level_select2

What is your favourite retro game?
My favorite retro game is D&D: Tower of Doom. I took so many coins at the game room in my town if i hadn’t done, now i could buy a little apartment!ingame_1

Do you still game on the current consoles if so whats your favourite game?
Yes, i currently play games on my console (ndr. XBoxOne, WiiU and 3DS) but cause of job i have very little time to do that, so i have to pick only original and thrilling ones. My favorites are, based on the games i’m currently playing are: The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt (XboxOne), Mario Kart (WiiU) and Monster Hunter series (3DS).ingame_horatio0

Whats the worst game you have ever played?
Uhm, i find difficult to define it because i think every game has his way a story to tell. However if i have to choose one evaluating every aspect of the game itself i can say: Enter the Matrix for the poor realization.

Finally what game or feature would you like to see on Retrogamesmaster in the future?
I discovered your site and i loved as it is, but i’ll love it more if it could feature more C64 old glories! (The first love it never forget)