A Gremlin in the works book Review


A Gremlin in the works book review by Peter Ward

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The book comes in a high quality 3mm board slipcase with 2 books 250mm x 200mm, lithographic print, pantone inks, hardback, thread sewn binding.

A fantastic 372page hardback book about the gaming company Gremlin written by Mark Hardisty.A Gremlin in the Works

The paper and print is of a high standard and the pictures within the book are pleasure to look at including memorabilia, game design concept, Letters and staff photos.2016-08-17_1642_001

The pictures complement the high quality content with many interviews from important members of Gremlin including, Ian Stewart, Ben Daglish, Greg Holmes, Chris Kerry. which takes you through the complete history of gremlin.

A Gremlin in the Works

This is a must read for any retro fan. Starting from the roots of where it all started at Just Micro shop in Sheffield. Releasing early classic games such as Jack The Nipper and Monty Mole and later Lotus racing games and its Actua sports games and eventual purchase by Infogrames in 1999.

It covers the company’s history from the mid 80’s until 2015.A Gremlin in the Works

This is a well written book  with so much detail and research gone into this; I would highly recommend and will look great on your shelf if you’re a retro fan like myself.

This is a must buy!!!


A Gremlin in the Works


Check out the Mark Hardisty Interview here

Also coming soon an interview with Ian Stewart