The Masters of Pixel Art – volume 3




The third book in the Masters of Pixel Art series is here! 

This book features pictures from the next generation of artists, working and developing the concepts of pixel arts with their amazing graphics!

With Volume 3 “Contemporary Pixel Art” — we explore and present the best of the best pixel art today.

The images are presented with background information, comments by the editor and in depth stories from the artists themselves. The pixel graphics that emerged in the 80’s has inspired and created a sub-cultural era of pixelled art, still very active today. This book is an attempt to capture the style and soul of the non-profit fellow creativity of the pixel art community.

pixel art by Orange-Magik
pixel art by Orange-Magik

In Volume 3 we are proud to present a wide range of artists, working on various platforms pushing out their art through social networks as well as dedicated pixel art sites. Without hardware setting specific limitations, these artist create their own limitations intentionally to achieve the pixel art look.

What methods do they use? What inspires and motivates today’s graphics designers to pick up this beautiful but obsolete visual language of pixel art? Are there links to the old pixel graphics created on 8-bit computers? What limits and rules makes today’s images “pixel art”? The Masters of Pixel Art volume 3 aims to cover as much as possible of the questions above, as well as giving each artist space to write background stories and details of their art work. With texts both by the book author and the individual artists, we hope to introduce more background information on famous pixel art as well as lesser known pieces. All texts in the book are in English.

pixel art by Square Boy
pixel art by Square Boy

By self-publishing the Masters of Pixel Art series through the Nicepixel publications label, I am able to keep the retail cost of the book at a minimum, while still producing a book of the highest quality. The only catch of self-publishing is that it is necessary for me to raise the money to print the book and finance shipments, and I am therefore turning to the Kickstarter community to help fund the expenses involved in completing this project.

Featured Artists

So far the following artists are included:

andylittle, Archipics, Deceiver, Dex, Finlal, Fool, Gas 13, Gustavo Viselner, Helm, iLKke, Jinn, Jubilee, Kenze, Kobi, Koyot1222, Mr Hk, Octavi Navarro, Orange-Magik, Ptoing, Sam L Jones, Setamo, skittle, slym, Slynyrd, Sovan Jedi, Square Boy, thUg, tomic, Tommi Laurila, vierbit

(more will be added!)

pixel art by Gustavo Viselner
pixel art by Gustavo Viselner