2016-05-24_1154Published by
Firebird Software Ltd.
Developed by
Taito Corporation
Oct, 1987

Bubble Bobble is a 2 player single screen Platform shoot’em’up
and puzzle game.



Bub and Bob are little dinosaurs who can blow bubbles and jump
around a lot. The idea of the game is to jump around the screen
catching the baddies in bubbles and then popping them, turning
the baddies into fruit or other such pick-upable item.



To catch a baddy inside a bubble, simply shoot the bubble into
the baddy. The bubbles have limited range so you have to move
in quite close. To pop the bubbles, simply walk into them or
jump on top of them.



If you take too long, the indestructable Baron Von-Blubba (?)
would appear and kill you after a little chase around the screen.
The only way to get rid of him is to complete the level.. or to



Stunning Arcade Quality Graphics and Sound
One or Two Player Action
100 Action Screens


When you pick up the umbrella and start to skip levels, pull
RIGHT on the joystick. This *should* make you skip more levels
than usual.




I never actually played this game in the arcades when it was released but played a demo tape with a few levels on which i picked up at a boot fair.

Bubble Bobble is one of the cutest platforms you can play but it actually works! You can have to player playing Bub and Bob and your armed with bubbles you release from your mouth submerging your enemy inside a bubble and then bursting.  The levels are colourful and well designed and there is 80 levels in total!

After playing the demo to death I got the game on Taito Coin-ops Collection.

there are different power ups like flames, water filled bubbles that you burst and ride to bottom of the screen destroying all your enemies in your path.  When a level is complete you are rewarded with sweets and other treasures; you also collect letters to get extra lifes once a word is spelt out.

The soundtrack is cute and addictive which im now humming as I write this review.

I love this game that much I got on my Amiga then got on a arade collection on my Sega Saturn.

If you have never played this please play the arcade or Spectrum version which I actually prefer to the Arcade version.





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